Poseidon Geophysics

Poseidon Geophysics provide consulting services to a variety on mining companies, Greenfield and Brownfield exploration companies, Geotech and environmental companies throughout Africa.

Our Equipment

Poseidon has a large pool of equipment to conduct electrical resistivity, IP, Frequency domain Electromagnetic, TDEM, gravity, magnetics, magnetotellurics and borehole logging, for mineral exploration, environment, water resources and hazard applications

Mineral exploration

Poseidon own and maintain a large pool of geophysical survey instruments for exploration of Uranium, base metals such as gold and copper, diamonds, and other precious metals.

Groundwater services

Poseidon has equipment and expertise for the whole programme of water point siting, use of geophysical methods in mapping subterrain aquifers and in Environmental studies.

Geotechnical Studies

Poseidon has a suite of equipment and expertise for conducting ERT and seismic surveys.

Geophysical Borehole logging

Poseidon has wireline borehole logging crews operational in countries throughout Africa. The logging suite comprises of tools that are used in Coal exploration, Uranium exploration, Groundwater studies to determine aquifer physical properties and in Geotechnical studies to determine physical properties of subsurface formations such as Young’s Modulus, poisson’s ratio, Structural orientation, and borehole rugosity.

Gravimetric survey – locating caves – Gcwihaba, Botswana

Induced polarisation survey – base metals exploration

Differential GPS survey – elevation control

DC Resistivity survey – groundwater exploration